• Incentives mean products cost consumers less with no extra cost to you.
  • Products move through regular distribution channels.
  • A better message, “These products costs less”
  • The Purple Tag, like Energy Star,  will identify incentivized products that are eligible for incentives and discounts rather than “home safety” or “aging”.
  • The HomesRenewed Coalition Purple Tag program will make it easy to handle customer certification on client’s behalf.
  • Consumers and legislators see you as part of progressive solutions for our nation’s aging population.
  • Be a recognized leader in YOUR market by investing in the future of housing and care for older Americans.
  • Your information visible to consumers on the HomesRenewed Coalition website.
  • New network partners from other HomesRenewed Coalition sectors – eg. designers, builders and contractors, home care agencies and Long Term Care insurance and healthcare are your sales force pushing the popularity of these products.

Join! Invest in the FUTURE of Your Business