HomesRenewed™ Coalition opens the door to change. Unlike most current policy and funding, HomesRenewed targets the 73% in the Innovation and Opportunity Zone.

  • Incentives are a national topic: HR 1780, a bipartisan bill in the last congress, called for a $30,000 tax credit. HomesRenewed is working to bring an improved bill to the new congress.
  • HomesRenewed submitted memos to Senator Angus King ( I-Maine) for a next generation incentives bill that will be introduced soon.
  • We support State and local programs that promote incentives, Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) and other living arrangements for aging in place.
  • Private Incentives from the health systems and insurance or long-term care insurance industries.
  • The breadth of the HomesRenewed Coalition has unprecedented power to move ideas into action.  Congress will listen when so many diverse segments of the economy focus on the same topic.
  • Champions tax and penalty free use of retirement savings for home updates.

46 Million Americans 65+

Our voices need to be heard!