Purple Tag™

AARP and others have been urging folks to update their homes for more than 20 years. They tell people to prepare so they avoid frailty, maintain their independence and reduce the burden on their loved ones.  But people don’t listen. They don’t want to hear it. Most people know they should eat better and exercise, too. But they don’t do that either. Lots of people still smoke. We need a better way to move people to action.

A much better message: Save Money! Modeled after the success of Energy Star labels, the HomesRenewed Purple Tag will identify products that prepare homes for the modern lifespan. These products and these projects will cost less because they will qualify for incentives.  People will know they save if they use Purple Tag products on their home improvements.

No more “age-friendly” or “home safety”. No more "stop falls" and "avoid frailty". No more scare tactics. No more talk about being a burden on society,  your children or neighbors.

Purple tag products will include:

  • Health and lifestyle monitoring, communicating and independence managing technology
  • Items for curbless showers, no step entries, safer bathrooms and better lighting and switching, railings

Streamlined process: Rules and regulation sometimes frustrate the best of intentions. Our Purple Tag App will streamline the certification and approval process by combining the ideas behind e-commerce promo codes with smartphone auto body damage estimating apps.