Let’s PULL Together for HomesRenewed!

Our MISSION is to join forces to significantly increase the number of American homes prepared for residents to live throughout the modern lifespan by promoting consumer incentives on Wall Street, Main Street and Capitol Hill.


Why should I join?

HomesRenewed membership gives your voice greater impact and clout with legislators.

Member Benefits:


What will I get when I join?

  • A contact directory of fellow members from your industry and others. 
  • Newsletters, information and webinars (after startup).
  • Cross-stakeholder conferences to build your business network in new and innovative ways.


How will joining help me and my company succeed?

  • More updated homes will increase business.
  • Serving more clients in more homes will improve productivity.


Where is the group? Can I participate from anywhere?

HomesRenewed Coalition is based in Washington, DC giving us easy access to Capitol Hill.
We welcome participants from all over.
With you as partners we can target initiatives on the state and local level.


Who are the members?
Who is running the organization?

Member companies come from many industry sectors including home remodelers, manufacturers, home care providers, long-term care insurers.  VGM’s Live at Home and Great Call, now part of Best Buy, are major supporters.

Founder, Louis Tenenbaum, with over 30 years experience as a contractor in the aging in place (AIP) business, has been recognized and received many awards as a thought leader.


When will I see benefits?

Building bridges across sectors and informal business relationships starts now.

Passing bills in Congress is unpredictable. But seniors related issues and saving healthcare dollars are non-partisan. State and local action incentives may be faster. Some incentives may be offered by private companies such as from the insurance industry.

HomesRenewed Coalition MEMBERSHIP LEVELS

Business/Corporate: $365
just a dollar a day
(Includes up to 4 company members. Additional members/$80)

Special Founders Rate!
Join today for just $325!

Individual/Professional: $100

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Student: $35

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The cost is modest, the potential is HUGE!

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